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Jet Set Tour of Asia and new Nikki Beach Locations

Mike Penrod or Mike Penrod and Jeniya Penrod

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nikki Beach Returns to 37th Toronto International Film Festival TIFF


The Global Luxury Lifestyle Brand to take Residence on the Rooftop Patio of The Spoke Club

September 6th – September 11th, 2012


(MIAMI BEACH, FL)  – July 25, 2012 – Nikki Beach Worldwide, the global luxury lifestyle brand that introduced the world to the ultimate beach club concept, is thrilled to announce its return to Toronto with a pop-up location during the 37th Annual Toronto International Film Festival. From September 6th through September 11th, 2012, Nikki Beach will take residence on the rooftop patio of The Spoke Club, the prestigious venue located on King Street West in the heart of downtown Toronto. Nikki Beach will recreate its signature chic all-white environment for both members of The Spoke Club and newcomers alike to indulge in the unique ambiance that is found at Nikki Beach locations around the world.  The Spoke Club has established itself in Toronto as the preeminent social refuge for high profile opinion-formers and leaders from the creative community.


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Olympics iPhone app $0.99

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1. Have a glimpse of the best London hotels and budget accommodations

You will find thousands of options when it comes to hotels and budget accommodations as you go about your online search. However, you can save so much of your time when you choose from a few of the outstanding hotels in London. The Olympics iPhone app gives you an idea about the top 10 hotels, as reviewed by fellow travelers. Aside from the basic details about the hotels, you can read actual customer reviews and ratings to help you decide where to stay.

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2. Choose from a wide range of restaurants and food shops


It is important that you have an idea about the restaurants located near the hotel of your choice. The Olympics iPhone App covers all pertinent details such as various cuisines, restaurant locations, menus and even the estimated cost per meal. These pieces of information can help you prepare your meal budget, as well as an organized plan on where to eat each day. The app provides you with relevant information whether you plan to splurge or save.

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3. Be updated with the latest news about the 2012 Olympics

You can find the latest articles and videos as your browse through the Olympics iPhone App. Learn about relevant news and the preparation process for the Olympics from authority sources. Even when you are on the road, you can check out interesting snippets and videos. This fabulous app will keep you updated and informed.

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4. Know how to get around the different locations

It is never fun to find yourself lost in a foreign place, which is why you need a handy guide that will help you keep track of your destinations. You can use the iPhone Olympics travel App to know how to get around the different locations in the city. There are quick links to directions and maps, so you will find your way easily and efficiently. Forget about that giant road map, and take it mobile with this clever app.

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5. Learn about various attraction details

Are you up for shopping, or maybe a tour around London? Check out the top places of attraction that you can explore, and know the exact address of these popular sites. You can read about the best shops where you can buy souvenirs, or visit famous landmarks of this modern city. The app features fast facts, directions, and tips on how you can maximize your trip.

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Typically, the preparation part of your trip may take a huge chunk of your time. If you do not have much time to spend on planning your itinerary, then you definitely need an app that can handle that daunting task. The Olympics iPhone App can help you organize your schedules and reservations with so much ease. You can have an access to important details about various locations, which include contact details, addresses, and directions to these places. This practical app will keep you

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10 Best Hotels in London During The Olympics

10 Best Hotels in London During The Olympics

Written by: Suzanne Florin for Geo Travellers

If you plan to visit London for business or leisure purposes, you need to check out the best hotels in Londonwhere you can have a comfortable stay. The best hotels in Londonoffers specialty lodgings and hotels that you will truly love. These are ten of the best hotels in London to lodge while in London for the Olympics 2012 – whether you are on a budget or you prefer to splurge a bit.


Geo Travellers “10 Best Hotels in London” is based on actual customer reviews and comments that have stayed in each of these hotels giving them a spot on the 10 Best Hotels in London!

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10 Best Hotels in London during the Olympics

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Travel Tips for London during the Olympics

Travel Tips for London during the Olympics


Written by: Sharobaro for Geo Travellers for Olympics

The city of London has a long history dating back to its founding of the Romans and its old name of Londinium. In fact, when you tour the city center you will still see remnants of its glorious past thanks largely to its medieval boundaries. The city has grown and developed into an economic and cultural powerhouse known for its commerce, education, fashion, the arts and entertainment.

The city is primarily renowned as a cultural center, boasting four World Heritage Sites including Kew Gardens, Tower of London, Palace of Westminster and Greenwich. With an excellent combination of modernity, history and culture it's no wonder that this city is a famous tourist destination. And with London Olympics 2012just around the corner, the city of London is sure to offer once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Best time to travel to London... During Olympics!

The best time to visit the city is from May to September. These are the months where the weather is most friendly and will give you the best time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. With the Olympics 2012scheduled from 27 July to 12 August, it can be considered that these dates are the best times to travel to London and visit the Olympics.

But if you want to get the best out of the city during the Olympics (and a tight budget) make sure you act now. The nearer the date is to the Olympics, the more chances you have to pay more for the plane tickets, accommodations and other related expenses. Plan first your plane tickets which you can reserve in advance for the Olympics dates.

A common option for you is to use another European city as your drop off and just ride a train going to the city. This is an economical alternative when the flights get rarer and the ticket prices shoot up.

Where to stay in London during the Olympics?

The nice thing about the city is that you will find different kinds of hotels to suit different budgets and preferences. If you long for that homey feel, hotels like Hotel 55 and Myhotel Bloomsburrywill do the work. The former is a converted hotel that fuses class and style. The good thing about this address is that underground stations are just a walk away.

If you want to be in the entertainment and fun zone for the rest of your stay for Olympics 2012 then hotels and accommodations in Soho are the best options. Myhotel Bloomsburry is one establishment where some of the hippest spots of the city like the British Museum are just a few minutes away.

If these recommended hotels are still on the pricey side, there are cheap accommodations that can be tried out. There are websites that aggregate hotel offers and can serve as your guide when looking for a place to stay. You will find studio-types. Home stays, apartments and hostels. Some offers are scams and designed to run away with your money. Just to be on the safe side, you can always check out for a listing of accommodations that are screened by the London Olympics Committee.

Learn the top shopping districts in London even during the Olympics


If the Olympics 2012 games already tire you and you want to experience shopping, London-style then hit some of the best London shopping districts. There's a district that will definitely suit your taste and needs. You can start your expedition at the Oxford Street where you can shop at Debenhams and John Lewis. The nearest tube here is Oxford Circus.

If you are into designer clothes or you just want to check out the latest in high fashion, Bond Street and Mayfairshould be part of your plans. Include this in your planning for Olympics 2012 since this is a favorite hang-out of celebrities thanks to big fashion labels like Louis Vitton and Burberry.

Do you want a taste of what fashion and shopping were like during the 1960s during the Olympics?

Drop by the Carnaby Streetthat still accommodates a number of shops that offer unique clothing and items. There are cafes and restaurants too that can serve you in case your tiring legs ask for attention. Your shopping expedition should not be complete without visiting Westfield London. This is your hub where you can eat, shop and have fun. The area boasts a wide selection of luxury and designer goods like Jimmy Choo and Ted Baker.

To cap your day, you can relax at the nearby café. A recommended place to visit, partly due to its starring role in a film is Notting Hill. This is your place for quirky souvenir items and clothing. When in the area, try to discover the Portobello Road Marketfor designer shops and cafes.

Other recreational activities and top destinations to try out during the Olympics

During the Olympics the city is packed with activities that will definitely fill the schedule of any traveller. Remember, the city of London is often considered as one of the greenest cities in the world so might as well take advantage of this when you plan out for Olympics 2012. Two leading parks that you don't want to miss out include Hyde Park and Regent Park. With more than 4000 trees, a lake and gardens, you can stroll or ride a bike while discovering the beauty of nature in Hyde Park.

When discovering the open spaces, it's best to walk or rent a bike. Travel experts also recommend a trip on the Thames Clipper that will take you from the London Eye to Greenwich which offers you a view of other London sights during the trip.

In order to cover as much ground as possible during the Olympics, it's best to book now for the London Pass. For a one day adult pass, you pay £46.00. The good news is that the site also offers promotions from time to time so it's best to check out the site .

This is one ticket in London that you don't want to miss out as this offers you a pass to more than 55 London attractions. You name it; the pass covers it from the Tower of London, the London Bridge experience and even a trip to Westminster Abbey. There's no need to line up and suffer under the heat. Just skip it, and enjoy what the city and Olympics 2012 has to offer.

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Mallorca Travel Tips |

The Island Paradise of Mallorca

Written by: Judee Kimberly for Geo Travellers

It was the year 1950 when the very first charter plane landed in a little airstrip in the island of Mallorca. To this day, the island is home to 781,600 natives and a lot more people visiting the island, with tourist visitations bursting at 11 million annually. So what exactly makes Mallorca that idyllic vacation hotspot? The answer lies in just three words: Sun, Sand and Sea. Yes, Mallorca is the sun worshipper's favorite destination and it's earned every right to be the ultimate beach bum's nirvana.

However, there's so much more to Mallorca than its world class beaches. In the island, you'll find that Palma de Mallorca is a charming hub of excitement which is the heartbeat of the island, being its capital city. Up north, you can indulge in the breath-taking beauty of Serra de Tramuntana, a gorgeous mountain range inhabited by pine forests, ochre villages, olive groves and a ruggedly handsome coast line. If you're into well-defined tourist developments, you can stay in the east coast where the finest beaches and hotels are located for your maximum satisfaction.


Mallorca is called Majorca in English.It's the biggest among the Balearic Islands and it is located in a beautiful enclave in the Mediterranean Sea."Mallorquin" is spoken by the natives. It is a sub-dialect of "Balear" which is a regional dialect of Catalan. The school system teaches both Spanish and Catalan and both of these languages are official languages.It is a major tourist destination that draws in 11 million tourists, mostly German and British.In major tourist hotspots, English, French and German are frequently spoken.Its beaches and coasts offer the best beaches, coves and cliffs, making it ideal for sun bathing, relaxation and water sports.Palma de Mallorca is the central hub of the island.



Getting to Mallorca is easy, affordable and convenient and this is made possible by a lot of discount airlines that have daily flights from various European cities. The plane lands in the airport in Palma de Mallorca.

There are also flights from nearby islands of Ibiza and Menorca. If traveling from these islands, opt for a boat ride instead. Planes rides to Mallorca from these destinations tend to be expensive, practically doubling the price of a boat ride.

You can get to your hotel from the airport by way of public buses that run frequently. You can also opt for a car rental and you can hire one at the airport.


There are a lot of ferry boat rides that are available for you to get to Palma de Mallorca. If you're heading to Mallorca from Valencia, Barcelona, Denia Alicante and from neighboring Balearic Islands, you're sure to catch a ferry ride.


You can travel around Mallorca through train or bus. Simply check the schedules online to ensureyou won't miss your schedule. The bus lines can reach practically all destinations in the island while the train is limited to Manacor, Puerto de Sóller, Inca, Sineu and Sa Pobla. If you want more privacy, car rentals are available especially in tourist towns along the coast.


There are a lot of excellent 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels in the island that offer the best in comfort and luxury to guests. Among the top hotels in Mallarca the Melia Hotels Incorporated, formerly Sol Melia Hotels which is known as an excellent holiday hotel. Another excellent choice is the gorgeous new beach hotel in Nikki Beach that's been generating a lot of buzz lately for its opulence, elegance and comfort.

And if staying in a hotel is not what you'd rather do, you can always choose to rent either an inexpensive or luxurious villa, depending on what you need.


A visit to Mallorca is truly a feast to the senses, especially of one's eyesight. If you're on a trip to this charming island, you've got to make sure to visit these awe-inspiring places:

Cathedral de Mallorca

Cathedral de Mallorca is a must see and stands as one of the most amazing Cathedrals in Europe taking about 300 years to build and right on the sea in the post of Palma de Mallorca.


Palma de Mallorca – A visit to Mallorca is incomplete without going to its cultural center and capital. Palma is not just the hub of the island paradise; it's also worth seeing for its various architectural sights, cultural activities and excellent Mediterranean cuisine.
Playa de Palma – You've got to see the busiest corner of Mallorca
Serra de Tramuntana – Experience the beauty of Mother Earth as you witness the area's captivating mountain ranges.

Caves – Mallorca is home to several caves that are open to the public. Check out the Dragon Caves or Coves del Drach located in Mallorquin if you're seeking for a unique adventure apart from sightseeing and swimming.
Port de Soller – Fall in love with this beautiful town situated at the top of the mountains and travel to its peak through the train and the tram.

Valldemossa – Sneak in a visit to this village where Frederic Chopin and Georges Sand used to hang out.


BEACHES - First and foremost, Mallorca is flocked by millions of tourists for its pristine beaches and picturesque seaside scenery. You can choose to go to developed tourist beaches or you can check out various secluded ones in different areas of the island. One of the best beaches in Mallorca is Nikki Beach which is really worth experiencing for its amazing daytime dining lavish dinners and upscale parties with a beautiful sand beach and the sea as a backdrop. It even has a private members-only club, Nikki Prive, wherein everyone is clamouring to be in the guest list. Another beach you can check out is Es Trenc near the Colonia de Sant Jordi which is popular with tourist and locals.Golf - There are two 9-holes courses available to the general public. And there are eighteen 18-hole golf courses on the island that are open for public use. There are also members-only golf courses too.Deep Water Solo / Psicobloc - The island has become a premier destination for rock climbers due to its unique geography. Adventure seekers wishing to experience psicobloc, rock climbing or deep water soloing can't get enough of Mallorca.Yacht charter and sailing – Mallorca is a premier destination for sailing and yachting.Partying – Head out to Magaluf which is the British capital of the entire island and it's also famous as a party central and clubbing hotspot. Experience the festivities at the BCM Empire Disco and Bananas Disco while nursing a Sangria to fuel a fun-filled night.


What is a trip abroad without the experience of eating local cuisine? In Mallorca, you've got to taste their Sopes Mallorquines, which is a vegetable soup with meat and wild mushrooms; Paella, make sure to taste the Mallorca seafood version; the Sobrassada, which is a delicious spicy pork sausage which is often eaten alone or with some bread; the Gato, which is an almond cake eaten with almond ice cream; and the Ensaimada, which is a delicious spiral shaped bun that's a true favorite of Mallorca. Seriosuly, it's time to take a break from your diet because you've got too many things to try out here.

Finding a restaurant:

The dining experience in Mallorca is divine. Head out to Nikki Beach for some seriously exquisite meals or go to the capital city of Palma and enjoy the various restaurant offerings available.


And of course, one thing you shouldn't miss out on is the shopping experience in Mallorca. Palma is famed for its excellent shopping choices which range from high end boutiques to unseen and understated flea market treasure troves. Strike a deal with clothing, electronics, jewellery and souvenirs while taking advantage of the island's minimal tax rates. Oh and before I forget, haggling is a must!

Indeed, Mallorca is that island destination that you wouldn't want to miss in your lifetime. With its white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, captivating scenery and friendly natives, Mollorca is the world class tourist hotspot you've always been dreaming of.

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London Olympics 2012 Travel guide

What you need to know about the 2012 Olympics in London

written by: bgray007 for Geo

The 2012 summer Olympics that is being held in the east end of London is the thirtieth Olympiad since they were resurrected in Athens in 1896. They are being held between the 27th of July to the 12th of August with events being held at locations across the city. Thanks to reading this guide Olympics 2012 will become that bit easier for you to explore with not only the games themselves but also with regards to what else there is to do around the city.

What are the dates and key times of the Olympics games?

As was mentioned earlier the Olympics run from the 27th of July to the 12th of August. You should also be aware that the Paralympics also take place in London between the 29th of August and ends on the 9th of September. Events will often have various sessions with breaks in between so you may have athletics in the morning and evening as an example with it giving you the afternoon free to explore other things. Sessions for the Olympics  usually begin just after 9am and the evening session will tend to end around 10pm so you can use public transport to get back to your hotel.

When are the various events taking place at the Olympics?

The football tournament actually begins on the 25th of July however Olympics games are being held in stadiums across the UK and the first event within London itself is the Archery which takes place at the Lords Cricket Ground on the 27th. The following day sees events such as rowing, cycling, swimming and basically most other things excluding track and field. If you are looking at the athletics then you need to wait until the 3rd of August with the blue riband event of the mens 100m final on the evening of the 5th.

What about the opening ceremony at the Olympics?

The opening London Olympics ceremony itself is being held in the brand new Olympics Stadium on the night of the 27th July between 19:30pm and 22:30pm GMT. The Oscar winning director Danny Boyle, the man behind Slum dog Millionaire, is organizing the actual display and as with every opening ceremony you can expect it to be promoting not just the Olympics Games but also the United Kingdom in general. If you wanted to attend then unless you have a ticket already you will be out of luck however, you can of course watch it in a bar nearby to try and at least sample some of the atmosphere.

How do I get to see some of the action at the Olympics?

If you want to check out some of the events at the Olympics in person then you need tickets however they can be difficult to get hold of depending upon where you are coming from. There will be very few tickets for the Olympics available on the days, unless you are looking at some of the less popular events or perhaps hoping to get in at Wimbledon for the tennis. However, you can still see things such as the marathon at various tourist points or the road cycling on their route so it is possible to catch some of it without it actually costing you anything but get there early to end up getting the best spots.

I have heard security is tight at the Olympics, is this the case?

Security at the Olympics is going to be the tightest that it has ever been for an Olympics games and in the build up to it there has been a series of test runs involving the various emergency services. Security is provided not only by the police but also the armed forces but you will feel safe there. Trial runs of the searching of the spectators have taken place at large scale football matches already so entering the Olympics stadium will be perfectly safe. Do be prepared to have various things taken off you such as unknown liquids or sharp instruments.

Where can I stay during the Olympics games?

London has a wide range of hotels and guest houses to stay in and they do tend to cover every possible budget. You can easily spend a fortune on an individual room however it is advisable to look out with the middle of the city if you are on a budget. Look at which hotels are close to tube stops for the Olympics or on the main bus routes for the Olympics so you can easily move around. Do be advised that you should look at booking a room as early as possible as clearly there will be a real influx of visitors to the city so do not be surprised if you need to look even further afield and basically commute in.

Will the Olympics cost me more than it normally would?

It is true that prices in the city will increase whilst the Olympics are taking place. There are worrying reports of some hotel rooms increasing their prices by just over 300% and you can expect most of them to have at least doubled their prices which is why looking further afield may be an idea. Flights to London have also increased so consider flying elsewhere and then book the train as this can work out cheaper. General costs in and around London are expected to result in eating out going up slightly so look at going more off the beaten track if on a budget.

The weather worries me, what should I wear at the Olympics?

The weather in the United Kingdom can be unpredictable to say the least however the timing of the games does come at a point in the year where London generally has its best weather. In July and August you are looking at average temperatures of 24C during the day and around 14C at night and one fact you may not be aware of is that it actually gets less rain than Rome. It does mean you can wear light clothes and expect to see some sunshine whilst you are there.

When I am not checking out the Olympics games what else is there?

London has a whole host of things to see and do and one of the best ways to get an idea of what is out there is by going on one of the tour buses. This will show you things such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye and gives you a number of things to explore later. Clearly the main thing is going to be history but if you want something to do at night then pay a trip to the West End, which is the heart of theatre land. If you have children then London Zoo is a must as is LEGOLAND in nearby Windsor is worth a trip and when in London you need to experience shopping at Harrods, which just epitomizes quality.

So with the information in this guide Olympics 2012 should indeed be easier for you to explore. It is fair to say that you need to plan ahead as the city will be busy and by doing so you should hopefully avoid some of the queues that will undoubtedly build up during the time of the 2012 Olympics in London. By taking some of the advice provided here you may also know how you can manage to take in some of the atmosphere in the city whilst avoiding spending the top prices you may initially come across online.

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